As an administrator, for individuals with mental disabilities I assumed that I had all the information and knowledge on domestic abuse. The organization, “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” had a small educational conference on Domestic Violence at our Church “Worship and Praise Deliverance “at this conference I realized I had only the basics. This conference not only revealed red flags that had been overlooked but I had to face the truth and recognize that some of them I even displayed.

In Addition, because the conference was so informative I knew that how I handled individuals who were in abusive relationships was wrong it takes more than you just telling a victim to just leave and to just pray. Because the event of leaving is the most life threatening and changing point.

So, I thank “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” for spreading the word and educating us all- I believe individuals in these situation whether victims or witnesses to abuse will now have another avenue for change and upward mobility with this organization just stay tune and stay in touch.


You may need to turn your volume up.