Faces Behind A Purpose For You President-Founder Timika Cousins-Thompson, AdvocacyIt was an honor to be a guest on the show “The Lounge” hosted by Felicia Harding Williams. It gave me (along with some of the awesome ladies on our team: Shavonn Doughtery, Angel Pervall and Melissa Coleman) an opportunity to speak about Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and how it has impacted our lives.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse are tough, but very necessary discussion topics for our youth and adults. As an advocate I am finding that we need to educate more on Domestic violence and Sexual Abuse. It’s important to know the red flags and how to distinguish healthy relationships from unhealthy relationships. It’s important to know that you don’t only experience domestic violence from intimate partners, but it could be from friends and siblings as well.

Due to so many Domestic Violence tragedies in our communities and inner cities, I believe we must continue to advocate and educate face to face on the streets with people. We must build trust and let people know organizations such as The Faces behind a Purpose for You, truly care. Our goal is to work with our clients from beginning to end.  It is going to take a village but it can be done. We will make a difference

Domestic Violence is a meaningful topic for me, in 2014 I had a very close relative; Lisa Morgan Hester, killed due to a Domestic Violence tragedy. This hit our family hard! I strongly believe if Lisa would have broken the silence she would be here with us today. So as I experienced this tragedy I knew then it was time to start the organization the Faces behind a Purpose For you. An organization that provides services to those who have experienced domestic violence or are currently experiencing domestic violence. I share my story with men, women or children to educate our communities and schools on domestic violence hoping we save lives.


I have come to realize if I was educated earlier in life I would have not experienced the domestic violence I did at a young age. I was mentally and verbal abused by significant others and family members, but I did not know the signs.

I was told I would not be anything in life.

I was told I was the dumb one in the family.

I started to believe everything that was said to me because I did not know the signs of verbal, mental and financial abuse.

So yes this is our passion. Everyone in the organization has a different story tell and I believe sharing our stories or just educating someone could save a life.