The Faces Behind A Purpose, Look Back On 2017

"Wow, look at all we did last year!" I started this organization with a vision to  provide support and encouragement to victims and survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse. I wasn't the best speaker when I started it. Nor was I the sharpest business woman. I didn't know how I was going [...]

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My Best Friend Is Being Abused

She asked me not to tell anyone! And I promised I wouldn't. I have in my phone pictures of her bruised body. She sent me pictures of her bruised arm. She sent me pictures of her bruised leg. Purple bruises cover her back where he struck her. She even told me that he had pulled [...]

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Less Than A Man – When Men Are The Victims Of Domestic Abuse

The thought of being a statistic; a horrifying value instantly triggering that sense of complete loathsomeness! I found out, the hard way, how domestic violence is also a nightmare for men. I was in an intimate relationship and cohabitated in Richmond, Va. for a number of years with a gorgeous woman I truly loved. At [...]

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A Domestic Violence Wake Up Call

I thought he adored me and he claimed to love me.  “This man is the one,” I remember telling my family, over and over again. I mean, when this guy walked in the room, he took my breath away. And together, as a couple, we could silence a crowd. In fact, I affectionately called him [...]