My Best Friend Is Being Abused

She asked me not to tell anyone! And I promised I wouldn't. I have in my phone pictures of her bruised body. She sent me pictures of her bruised arm. She sent me pictures of her bruised leg. Purple bruises cover her back where he struck her. She even told me that he had pulled [...]

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Wonderful Testimonial From Shonda Harris-Muhammed On Timika Thompson and The Faces Behind A Purpose For You

I was so surprised when I saw my friend post this video. She called me an unsung hero Special thanks Shonda, we're just getting started. I have huge plans for this organization. 1st we're going to start right here in our community and make an impact in Richmond VA, then we're going to educate people [...]

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Another Fantastic Domestic Violence Testimonial – Why You Can’t Always Say, Just Leave

As an administrator, for individuals with mental disabilities I assumed that I had all the information and knowledge on domestic abuse. The organization, “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” had a small educational conference on Domestic Violence at our Church “Worship and Praise Deliverance “at this conference I realized I had only the basics. This conference [...]

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