Are you suffering and broken in silence? Are you in a relationship with someone that declares “I love you”? Do you remember the very first time he made you feel less than human, controlled and threatened, or even emotional turmoil? If your initial reaction was a terrifying yes to one or any of these questions, then you may very well be a victim of domestic abuse. The brighter side, however, is that you no longer have to suffer alone in silence. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is a community organization that will help you assess and maintain the critical resources you need to survive.

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As research often indicates, domestic violence primarily affects women, yet it does not discriminate on any level. The horrifying abusive acts affect any ethnic group, race or religion regardless of economic status, gender or sexual orientation; teen, adult or elderly. Money plights and drug or alcohol addiction makes it more likely that abuse will occur. Domestic violence or abuse is also common in teens that are dating. It often manifests through controlling behaviors and jealousy. The sad penetrating truth is, the scars of every innocent victim will eventually wipe away but the piercing emotional despair compels residual aftermath.

In order for you to successfully transform your current situation, it is imperative that you first have the information and resources required to reestablish your independence. As previously mentioned, if you have recognized abusive or violent tendencies, make your move. Unfortunately, it is challenging for most victims to notice, but others have regrettably denied early signs. Please understand that after a relationship becomes more serious, so does the abuse.


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sex against your will is domestic abuseAggressive behaviors such as threatening, name calling or slamming doors are early signs of emotional abuse. Furthermore, the abuser may make violent threats against your children, family members, or pet as a means of controlling you. It is the abuser’s way of ingathering misplaced guilt or making you feel weak. Over time, the physical abuse starts with a slap but often leads to shoving, kicking or even choking. You need to know, domestic violence also involves sexual abuse where your abuser forces you to have sex against your will.Bottom line, battering is generally about control- using fear, bullying and threats to garner power over you. Contrary to how your abuser makes you feel, you are not weak or degenerate or destitute. Being able to identify early signs of violent aggression towards you can save your life. If your soul is broken, take control of your circumstances and your mindset. Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and demand your freedom back. By focusing on life skills, individual development, and family support, The Faces Behind a Purpose for You and you can break the chain and end the silence on domestic abuse and sexual assault together.

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Domestic Abuse Is A Growing Concern In The Military

So many women (and other victims) cry out in the dark for help. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is available to support you in every aspect of your life- haphazardly damaged by the hands of your abuser. With the help of a passionate community resource, you can enjoy a safe healthy life in confidence and pride. In the U.S. alone, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds. This is a devastating statistic, so now is the exact moment for you to take control of your destiny. Take advantage of enrichment activities and strategies that are specially designed to help you learn from your circumstances and provide that push you need to overcome adversity. Finally, believe that you are able to progress in positive ways and in positive settings despite past experiences.


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