faces behind a purpose autism awareness talent show imageOn April 2, 2017, our organization had the opportunity to sponsor our first community based talent show to bring awareness to Autism. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You sponsored the Aziz’s Autism Awareness Talent Show hosted by Maiesha Hawkins. Our origination is making moves throughout the Richmond, Virginia community. With more than 200 people in attendance, The Faces Behind a Purpose for You connected with and educated attendees on domestic violence and the services our organization provides. For the children in attendance we offered water, chips, and other snack items. The adults who visited our table were provided with a brochure of our available services. Members of our organization were able to share our vision to serve men and women who are victims of domestic violence and help them transition into a more safe stable environment that’s out of harms way.

Dedicated To Making A Difference

The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is dedicated to making a difference in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding counties. Our city’s homicide rate continues to rise. It is confirmed that a significant percentage of our city’s homicide rate is contributed to domestic violence. Our organization is committed to assisting those women and men who are experiencing domestic violence before it becomes another homicide count for the City of Richmond. We will continue to make services available to the men and women of Richmond, Virginia. Our sponsorship services will continue to allow visibility within the churches, community events, and other avenues that will allow our organization to be a service to those who may benefit greatly.

Currently, The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is accepting new clients. We have a very strict and confidential intake process. We have several resources available to our clients. If you are experiencing any form of domestic violence please feel free to contact us. If you know of someone who may benefit from our services, please contact us. We are here to assist and provide resources that will ultimately bring you to a place of peace and safety first.

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