The thought of being a statistic; a horrifying value instantly triggering that sense of complete loathsomeness! I found out, the hard way, how domestic violence is also a nightmare for men. I was in an intimate relationship and cohabitated in Richmond, Va. for a number of years with a gorgeous woman I truly loved. At one point, we actually discussed marriage. Something felt off, though. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I vividly remember, from the start of our relationship, my other half was scarily dominating and consistently demanded total control.

Ludicrous Accusations of Being Unfaithful

I was physically stronger than her, but that didn’t make it any easier to escape the often vicious and embarrassing domestic abuse I endured. It was embarrassing that the person I loved slapped me around. There was one God-awful night when she attempted to attack me in my sleep. But, the thing is…it really wasn’t about the physical pain! This woman pushed me or would bellow a few choice words my way, basically making me feel less than a man. When my girlfriend isn’t violent, there were stabs at crushing my finances and… she could be possessive, act excessively jealous or even harass me with ludicrous accusations of being unfaithful. Not only did this woman verbally abuse me in the privacy of our own home, she would belittle or humiliate me in front of my friends, colleagues, on social media sites and in front of my family.

At first I believed I could help my abuser and she promised to change. But there really wasn’t any change in that she refused to take full responsibility for her behavior or seek professional treatment. So, no longer could I deny that I am one in three males to become a victim of domestic violence. Of course, I was embarrassed and didn’t think anyone would believe me. But worse than that, I dealt with the infuriating skepticism from police. They assumed since I am the man I was the perpetrator of the domestic abuse and violence, not the victim. Everyone, including the authorities, simply minimized the abuse. I was faced with a shortage of resources, facing some legal obstacles and could not find any information designated to help abused men.

Although men are often reluctant to report domestic abuse by women, I was determined to no longer be a victim, overcome these challenges and escape domestic abuse. If this sounds like your story, don’t hesitate to call us.