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A Domestic Violence Wake Up Call

I thought he adored me and he claimed to love me.  “This man is the one,” I remember telling my family, over and over again. I mean, when this guy walked in the room, he took my breath away. And together, as a couple, we could silence a crowd. In fact, I affectionately called him [...]

A CRISIS IN SILENCE | Recognizing Domestic Abuse

Are you suffering and broken in silence? Are you in a relationship with someone that declares “I love you”? Do you remember the very first time he made you feel less than human, controlled and threatened, or even emotional turmoil? If your initial reaction was a terrifying yes to one or any of these questions, [...]

Break The Silence Stop The Violence MLK Peace March

On January 16th, We will be participating in the Break The Silence Stop The Violence MLK Peace March. We were recently a part of an NBC 12 on your side Richmond round table discussion to take the streets back. We made it on the news. NBC12 - WWBT - Richmond, VA News On Your Side

The True Spirit Of Christmas – Giving With The Faces Behind A Purpose For You

At The Faces Behind A Purpose For You, we take this quote to heart. Over the Christmas holidays, we were fortunate to partner with a phenomenal individual along with a great organization and participate in the true spirit of giving at Christmas. We were able to partner with KnightLife Entertainment and be a Christmas [...]

Another Fantastic Domestic Violence Testimonial – Why You Can’t Always Say, Just Leave

As an administrator, for individuals with mental disabilities I assumed that I had all the information and knowledge on domestic abuse. The organization, “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” had a small educational conference on Domestic Violence at our Church “Worship and Praise Deliverance “at this conference I realized I had only the basics. This conference [...]

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Helping Out: A Thanksgiving Care Package

I started this business so that I could help people who were victims of domestic violence and domestic abuse, we recently had a young lady from Texas named Toya visit our website and fill out one of our intake forms. She shared her story with us and we were thrilled to be able to send [...]

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