1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical violence (beating, burning or strangling) by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

We Are Here To Help.


1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical violence (beating, burning or strangling) by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

We Are Here To Help.


Who We Are

The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is an organization with a Mission to provide support and encouragement for victims and survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse within our community. Our organization provides enrichment activities, strategies and advocacy for individuals and families to grow through what they have gone through while improving family relations in a safe place. Our purpose is to give individuals the opportunity to learn from their circumstances and understand that they can continue to progress in positive ways and in positive settings despite past experiences. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You intervenes through advocacy. Founded by Timika Cousins, our organization works with individuals to assess their needs and assist to maintain those needs for individuals. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is an organization focusing on life skills, individual development, and family support.

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are common factors related to death, low self-esteem, environmental problems, health problems, and an overall issue affecting one’s life. Domestic violence can be categorized in several different ways such as physical, mental, emotional, economical, etc. and is mostly associated with some form of sexual abuse whether endured directly or indirectly. Every  9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten.


It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend that The Faces Behind a Purpose for You be allowed to speak to Richmond Public School students about the dangers of domestic violence and toxic relationships.

TH-JAW Foundation has sponsored numerous mentoring sessions with RPS students. During our last session with a group of young ladies, we had the pleasure of having a speaker, Michelle Lee, from The Faces Behind a Purpose. The young ladies were able to relate to Ms. Lee and her sister’s story. The young ladies were engaged, very responsive and felt comfortable enough to open up a bit to share their personal experiences. With the dangers that our kids are facing right now from abusive relationships to sex trafficking, I feel that more students need to hear what this organization has to say.

Tamara Jones, Vice President TH-JAW Foundation

As an administrator, for individuals with mental disabilities I assumed that I had all the information and knowledge on domestic abuse. The organization, “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” had a small educational conference on Domestic Violence at our Church “Worship and Praise Deliverance” at this conference I realized I had only the basics. This conference not only revealed red flags that had been overlooked but I had to face the truth and recognize that some of them I even displayed.

In Addition, because the conference was so informative I knew that how I handled individuals who were in abusive relationships was wrong it takes more than you just telling a victim to leave and to just pray. Because the event of leaving is the most life threatening and changing point.

So, I thank “Faces Behind a Purpose4 You” for spreading the word and educating us all- I believe individuals in these situations whether victims or witnesses to abuse will now have another avenue for change and upward mobility with this organization just stay tune and stay in touch.


I am a victim of domestic violence. I reside in Texas and Timika and her team reached out to me to help me. They provided me with more support than the organizations here did. They follow up with me left and right. They’re very patient and consistent. They took the time to send me a care package. It was right on time. I am thankful for them all. They have been a true blessing to me.


Dear Michelle and Tamika,
This letter serves as a huge THANK YOU! Thank you so much for volunteering as speakers for our “Positive Relationship” group here at Virginia Randolph. The fifteen female students participating in the group were chosen because they all share the same concern. The group focuses on identifying feelings, confidence building, goal setting, and identifying positive and negative relationships.
I would like to share with you my impression of how great your presentation was! You ladies went above and beyond for our students. During your presentation, you all had the ability to connect with each student, by addressing each student’s unique talents and specific needs. I was impressed by your openness and approachability. Your presentation was very hands-on and entertaining. You even performed a skit from your upcoming play to show the students your acting abilities. You added a human touch in your interactions with the young ladies.
As a result of your presentation, the students are now able to identify their feeling, cultivate positive friendships, maintain healthy relationships, make sound decisions, and identify a true sense of their personal power. I would be remiss, if I did not add how committed you all are to the success of our students by sending them motivational messages every morning! Thank you for your encouraging words.
Again, thank you so much for your time, support, and patience. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and pray you all can expand your ministry to reach other young adults like you helped the students here at Virginia Randolph.

LaToya W. Brown, M.Ed., The Academy At Virginia Randolph

I want to share my story with you about a woman I met this summer by the name of Timika Cousins. I met her on one of the worst days of my life when faced with a mother’s worst nightmare. My daughter was brutally beaten and rushed to a critical care unit. Prior to this incident I did not know anything about Ms. Cousin’s. I called a friend, my friend said I will call a friend who knows a woman who can help you. I received a call immediately and it was. Ms. Cousin’s. She said that she too has been faced with the unthinkable involving a family member and this is when her journey began. From that point on when she said she is determined to fight for justice involving domestic violence against women I knew she meant that.

I was already devastated feeling as though this was going to be allowed to slip between the cracks. My first call made to the officer that made me feel confident I would be able to reach him just pick up the phone and call type of thing was misleading. The voice message said I will get back to you in three days. We didn’t have three days. When I say she immediately got the ball rolling she did just that. I was thanking God for sending this Angel, this woman with a purpose who is determined to stand strong for women who are being or have been abused. In no time whatsoever I had a call from a couple of Sargent’s, a Lieutenant, Virginia Task Force, and number to a Commonwealth Attorney. It all seemed to happen in hours. The Task Force assured me they would not go home until the person responsible for such a brutal crime was apprehended. The people that she had on assignment reacted as though it was their own family.

I do not want to even think where we would be in this horrific situation had we not been put in touch with Ms. Cousin’s. My entire family is grateful for her services, and I pray that others will have access to her as quickly as my family did. Your dedication and service changed our life for the better that day and moving forward. Ms. Cousin’s continues to advocate justice all the way to the courtroom appearances and legal advice. Thank you so much and God bless your cause.