The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is an organization providing support and encouragement for men and women (and their families) of the community going through domestic violence and sexual abuse. Our organization provides enrichment activities and strategies for individuals to grow through what they have gone through. Our purpose is to give individuals the opportunity to learn from their circumstances and understand that they can continue to progress in positive ways and in positive settings despite past experiences. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You intervenes through advocacy. Our organization works with individuals to assess their needs and assist to maintain those needs for individuals. The Faces Behind a Purpose for You is an organization focusing on life skills, individual development, and family support.

About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are common factors related to death, low self-esteem, environmental problems, health problems, and an overall issue affecting one’s life. Domestic violence can be categorized in several different ways such as physical, mental, emotional, economical, etc. and is mostly associated with some form of sexual abuse whether endured directly or indirectly. Every  9 seconds in the U.S.  women is assaulted or beaten